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Looking for a Business Opportunity in Africa or USA?

Types of Opportunities

Government Backed Contracts (Infrastructure)

Government Backed development projects one of the top business opportunities in Africa.  Since Africa is a fledging industrialized continent, the governments of various countries have an open market policy making it an attractive space for international investors.

ICT Infrastructure

Despite that companies like Facebook, Google and Yahoo have jumped into the African market to rip benefits from its growth, there are still many local IT companies looking to partner with international companies for mutual benefit.

Power Generation

Power generation is the next big business in Africa as a whole. At the moment, the sector is highly untapped since the primary source of power in Africa is Hydro, which is still under-utilized while solar, wind, nuclear, etc are still untapped.

Agro-Allied investment

Africa is still in desperate need for agricultural equipment, chemical supplies, waste recycling operations and fertilizers. This sector and others have the potential to yield good return on investment. To see a complete list of existing opportunities, contact us.

Strategy Development

We help companies determine the following:

– Country selection
– Risk profiling
– Market entry strategy
– M&A strategy
– Partner selection
– Business portfolio

We help you figure out:

– Growth strategy
– Distributor & sales model
– Regional HQ location analysis
– Intellectual property in EM
– Brand & Marketing optimization
– Pricing model & grey import

He help companies IN:

– Organisational Model
– Talent management
– Tax Aligned Supply Chain
– E-commerce in EM
– African Markets Dashboard
– Risk management

Thousands of Opportunities
Billions of Dollars

$6.1 Billion, in 128 Projects in Africa by OPIC
$21.2 BIllion Exports to Africa, 2018
$30.4 Billion Imports from Africa 2018
6,400 Products Allowable duty free from Africa

Featured Works

These are the areas of immediate investment interest in most African countries.

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